We have analized the evolution of several towns and cities and we have checked that the extension of the habitat zones is increasing faster than ever. For that reason we believe that in 50 years from now Gurb’s extension will be wider. We have the same thought about Vic. If it’s growing doesn’t stop we believe that the two civilizations will become one.

Moreover, we live in an age where the climatic change is one of the most problematic effect threatening our planet. Luckily, several energies satisfy our basic necessities using natural sources, which are capable to renew and not pollute. This is the reason why the houses will be sustainables and most of the streets pedestrians.

On the other hand, thanks to technology, cities will have a different image from now. According to the El nacional.cat newspaper these are some conclusions: “The storage technologies are necessary to garantie us an stable supply”. Because of that, “Endesa is working for the technologic growth to compensate the lack of prevision and the intermittence of the renewable energies”. “The energy on wheels: Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G)”.

With those characteristics  that civilizations will have we imagine a new map with plenty of houses and Smart cities where technology will be present at the street.

About the growth we can imagine a future which Gurb will have a huge extension. In a consequence of that change, the fields will also change. Most of them will be populated.

Furthermore, there will be a rise of trade. This will produce an increase about tourism. For that reason the commercial zone will be located between Vic and Gurb and the industries on the outskirts.

As a conclusion, we can predict a more sustainable and wider population.